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May 15, 2009
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The Tempest Ultimus by Sick-little-Wolfboy The Tempest Ultimus by Sick-little-Wolfboy
The Tempest Ultimus
"The Fourth creation in a line of Twelve, Forged by the legendary master blacksmith and Warlock, Tempest, for the God of Time's Personal Guard, The Chronos Templar.

This Weapon, Originally belonging to the Knight Devos Ul-loc, a Monster Man of a Centaur, and the long term Battle specialist of the Knights, was the first of the Line of Items and blades that tempest forged that had Two major abilities instead of the standard one.

Slow time: rapidly slow's time and space around the user in a set space, giving the appearance of quickened speed and allowing the user more time to make his actions.

Stop time: though shorter and far more energy consuming, then slow, this feature gives the user far more versatility by allowing the user to temporarily step out of the time stream into a separate Dimension, giving him the ability to move anywhere and do anything in the space of a fraction of a Millisecond.

The second feature however, takes far more concentration and energy to activate than the slow ability, and puts a incredible amount of stress on the users body and mind, seeing as he is fighting against the very stream of time itself.

Originally thought lost along with the rest of the Chronos Templar eon's ago, It has recently been found in possesion with the #7 top wanted criminal, The Gentic Anthropomorh known as Sick Little Wolfboy. How he acquired it is still unknown, but his skill with it and ability to use it is very apparent.

He seems to keep it locked in a pocket dimension, summoning it at will via Dimension ripping, his most unique ability, instead of carrying it in its sheath, though reports indicate that he sometimes does so. "

~ A Excerpt from the IDFC Mainframe.

More of my older work, though this time tis my sword, my baby. Based on a executioner's cleaver, my baby is a larger and far more deadly cousin of it. Longer, lighter, and stronger then its pig iron counterpart, its big enough for me to hide behind it, using it as a shield, of sorts.

Its about 6'8'' give or take, 5' blade with a 1' and 4'' handle and 2'' guard and 2'' ring on the end so that i can attach a chain or strap to it for improvisational fighting. The blades chipped and nicked to all shit from eons of wear and tear, but its still sharp as a mother and the chips and nicks add a tearing affect when hit.

Its surprisingly light for its size, so much so that i can wield it with one hand, but still has enough weight behind it to do a hell of alot of damage. I don't try to do stupid crap like cut cars in half with it but it does make short work of lamp posts and such.

Yep, I love this lil baby.

More of the Tempest, the Chrones Templar, and alot of other stuff at another time.

All that above + the art (c) Dale K. Marieiro (me)

Maybe some new stuff sometime soon too?
Battosai16 May 15, 2009  Student General Artist
Looks great dude.
i just love the added story to all of your works, it just makes my day, isnt this one of wolfys little worlds that bii found one in that old RP im basing my story on?
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